Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My babe has grown-up

I was at my office, just scrolling the screen of my cell-phone to find her number which I had deleted few days back. I forgot that I had already deleted the number which I later realised. I was about to keep my cell-phone in my pocket when I got a call from an unknown number. I picked the call. I recognised the voice coming from the other side. It was she calling me. My happiness was at the bottom of my heart. It is many a time that I get call from her whenever I think about her. This feeling of sixth sense was completely magical and this unknown magic thing happening in my life always make me believe, that there is still love between us even after four years of our break-up.

"How are you?" She asked me very humbly and I replied her politely that I was very fine too. She said that she was alone at home so thought of calling me. I asked her if her boyfriend know that she is calling me. On asking that she replied that her boyfriend knew that she is calling me. In formal we talked for at least half an hour. She was talking about her cousin sister, that she is getting engaged with someone in village and all his other family member had went to attend the ring ceremony today. In the middle of the talk she suddenly asked me,

"Why do you still love me?"  She asked me, but I don't know what to answer her.

"I don't love you any more," I said her after a long pause. I was again lying to myself that I don't love her. Unknowingly I feel, my heart even today beats for her like those old days.

"Don't lie me, I know you love me and that is the reason I cannot forget you and still loves you," She said. I lied her again saying its all nonsense she is saying.

Its of no use now, even I love you or you love me, our road and destination are different," I said her.
 She then started crying asking me why I still love her so much, why I can't forget her even after four years of break-up. I had nothing to say her, but cry along with her. This scene of tragedy went long for many a minutes. After a while she says me,

"When will you stop loving me". I didn't respond to her anything.
"Ok, don't say anything, but the words which i am going to say you will definitely let you stop loving me"
"What?" I asked.

" Can you answer me a question?"

"What?" I asked again.

"Can you say how close am i with Siddarth?"

"How could i know about that, he is your boyfriend," I said her.

"Do you think i had sex with him?" I was afraid to answer her question and i would have been happy if she would'nt had asked me that question, because although not being in relation with Puji, i do not had the courage to listen if Puji had any sex relation with Siddarth.

I replied, "No you cannot do that."

"No, you were wrong, i had sex with Siddarth and it was on date 22 nov 2015, in Rajasthan when we had college trip. I could'nt speak anything, my heart was pounding and eyes were showing tears again.

"Hope these words had let me down in front of you and now you will stop loving me," She said and hung the phone. I hold the blank phone on the ear for few minutes. The phone only spoke about Puji's and Siddarth relation.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A day for rent

A single day I need from you, to remind my old days to fall in love with you once again to cry with you to laugh with you to hang on with you. A day you will be with me will be the day when spring will blossom even in the dry dark winter, the cucckoo will sing even in the weirdest monsoon. Its only a day I need...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


What we call civilization today, wearing good cloth, having good make up or driving a expensive car? Yes, that is what civilization today is.  Without being matured enough from mind and heart one cannot be called civilized or matured. I had to yell up my  frustration because of the immature things we do we think and we believe. I am talking about  Nude paintings and Nude sculpture, which has always been a subject of controversy mostly in India and of course in some other part of the world. I do not have any person to point finger  but its truth that majority of people will think nude as porn, which is not actually so. The real beauty of a person is best describe in its nude form, that's what an  artist thinks, that is the reason why the ancient sculpturing of human figure is mainly in nude in order to describe its beauty. The perfect example of such sculpture can be seen in the temples of Orissa (mainly the Jagganath temple) and the sculpture of Khajuraho where every sculpture shares some story. To some particular group of people those sculpture might disturb but this is the truth of purity. We never went to those temples closing our eyes so that we don't have see those sculpture, but when there is an nude painting in the wall of the Facebook page or an nude exhibition held in the city we the same people bring it as a big issue of cultural and traditional importance. So if  depriving an nude painting and saying that I am saving my culture and tradition, then what did those fellow painter & sculptor did in those ancient  days, did they went beyond their culture and tradition, was they thrown out of the court for making such sculpture? no not instead they were appreciated for their excellence.  It is very sad that being the richest country  in the world for culture we behave like poor fighting for just a nude painting  or a sculpture which people thinks as obsolete in  the society.
                  We need to change the way we think in order to be more realistic in this world, we need to think more optimistically in order to get better art in the world and we need to appreciate the purity of nude rather than discriminating in order to show our fake love toward culture and tradition.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Different Life

                                                        photography@ tarangaboruah

                                                                       The ladies only had a broken piece of mirror to help her push out the protruding pimple in the skin through the reflection she observe and see her face once in a day only in the morning hour, the males might not have combed their hair since they started to earn for himself as well as for his family as i could see their hair as messy as the nest of a bird, not a single man or women were fair in color, their  skin color faded to greyish and the one who was fair in color it turned to  light brownish, it was the effect of sun upon them. They do not have any permanent home to stay, though some might be having  but they do not stay there. I haven't seen any gas stove or any electric stove with them, its only three brick adjacent to each other and some dry piece of burning woods which they use to cook food below the stars in the night. I didn't saw any  van with them for traveling along  or to help them sleep well for a while or take some rest in serene or listen to the radio after their daily labour. There were also no babysitter so that, when their mom get to work her baby is take cared by the babysitter, no its not like that, a long towel tied to two electric pole in between which the baby is kept and a long rope perpendicular to the towel tied tight at one end and the other end of the rope tied to the waist of the mother so that she could pull the towel occupied by the baby to and fro to make her little baby asleep.The place where they stay looks awesome at night, it seems as if every family in their respective dining  were enjoying candle night dinner. They also do not fear to sleep anywhere in the earth nor they feared the marching solders of mosquito in the war field.
                                              I do not know if it is their struggle of living or way of living, journey in earth or something they do to feed themselves, but in-spite of all these i do not see any one being in sorrow, they laugh to the loudest, talk  without any care that someone might be disturbed , eat without any complaints like " why its not chicken today, why no Maggie mama". They also didn't bothered about their house that why i do not have a good flat, they do not even bothered about having a two wheeler. They didn't cared about their skin getting dry or color fading away and they should now use suncream. I didn't saw any jealousy between them nor hatred nor any contention. They stayed together like the son and daughter of a single father i.e GOD, and live their life without any hesitation.They were the working labor earning their daily wages by digging earth to install pool and repair road under surveillance of the contractor. They travel along their families and install their tent for living wherever they had to work. They have their babies with them, children and other family members all grouped together.
                                               Even though they were labors who work hard like anything for their living, they were humans like us and enjoys BEING HUMAN. We were civilized but still we fight for God and religion, we are educated but we do not value the actual meaning of education, we are well sophisticated but still we cry for single little things, we are well equipped but we do not  want to give others and we have everything but still we were not HAPPY.
         Isn't it possible to learn some little things from those beautiful peoples, to be happy in our life?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We Change

The passion for sticking the poster changed,
  from Bryan Adams at the door of the room
to  the daily schedules  above the  front desk computer.

The neighbor will no more be disturbed from the
rushing sound of Yamaha,
it will be replaced by the newly brought
Honda City, which will be the center of attraction.

There will be no yelling from the back seat
    "saalee dhire chala, marwayiga  kya?"
it will be replaced by someone very different,
where your waist will be buckled up with soft hands
  shoulder  gifted with an another head.

The daily mundane of midnight riding,
 sleeping at 3: am will slowly fade away
instead there will be-
"Dear, be home fast the dinner  is ready"

There will no more phone calls from the
best of the friends saying "bhai saali ne chod diya mujhe"
There would be only the fusing  sound of the snoring and
 sharing a single bed between she and me.

Monday, March 30, 2015


The lonely road at the end of the town
missing the forgotten lover,
always a hope and a question in his mind
"Will they come back to meet me ever?"

The road gently asked  the surrounding trees
"Have you seen those stupid loving fellows? ,
who use to walk upon me again again
and regard me as the road of love with great shallow."

The trees nod up its branch and looked at the road
  said" Sorry sire, they will never come here again,
They seek out an another road very far away
   which can't be reached neither by wings nor by train..

The road wept to his loudest
   but there was nobody to hear his weeping,
The trees console him saying, sire, you have the memories of those stupids
which will always make you happy when you are sleeping.

The faucet of tears started flowing from the road
  invoked, "God please ask them to return"
The God clasp the road and said,
Son, never cry for the past, move on, you have many more things in life earn.

The road inexorably comprehended and
      prayed God to recurrence them someday,
The God smiled and ruminated
    the craziest thing discovered is Love to immolate someone everyday.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Some More

"Though we have everything to lead a good life, we still ask for some more, some more and some more."